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Photo Credit: Nikkey Dawn


AIDA Canada aims to provide a safe, friendly, and inspiring environment for freediving in Canada. Beyond this, we look to develop active clubs in each province and territory, consistent access to instruction and practice venues, open sharing of ideas, a healthy and enjoyable competitive program and long-term connections with community partners.

As a group of freedivers passionate about our sport, we hope to spur additional achievements and excitement within the freediving community by sharing collective knowledge, excitement, and experience with our members.

Developing the Lifestyle

We believe that the “freediving for fun” is the heart of our association and that community events, social networks, mentorship, and open sharing of ideas is the foundation for everything else.

Developing the Sport

Freediving, as an emerging sport, is wide open for fresh input and development from veterans and emerging members alike, from both recreational and competitive perspectives. Our grassroots approach will help clubs thrive and create connected communities for sharing new ideas, expertise and the thrill of sharing experiences in the water.

Developing Competitive Excitement

We wish for Canadian freedivers to be among the top freedivers in the world. AIDA Canada will support athletes who dedicate time and energy to reach world-class athletic achievements. However, in return for this support, we ask these athletes to help athletes at every level achieve their own personal goals through our mentorship program. Our support for National Team members means direct support for our own freediving community.

Developing Freediving Infrastructure

AIDA Canada is committed to providing the essential ingredients for a thriving sport in Canada. This means a formal education system of accreditation for club instructors and freedivers, consistent public outreach, open and inclusive communication within the community, and local and national media coverage.

We look forward to developing this vision for freediving in Canada with you in the years to come.

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