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Photo Credit: Leslie Kennah, Rhizome Media


Becoming an Instructor

In 2011, AIDA Canada introduced the AIDA Canada Education Initiative. The purpose was to bring Freediving Instructors to underserved communities, particularly provinces with no Instructors or clubs. The ultimate goal is to educate enthusiastic participants through a recognized organization (AIDA, Apnea Academy, PFI, PADI, etc) and then support those same individuals through the process of building a club.


Successful candidates will then continue to receive support in training – so that they may set up a pool training program and open water dive training. If and when the club decides to host competitions, AIDA Canada is there to support the organizers through the process.


The end goal is that each province has at least one instructor and one active freediving club.

Eventually, the Education Initiative would like to bring Judge courses and other training to communities who are ready to develop further

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