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Join one of the most exciting freediving organizations in the world and help create a thriving community of freedivers.

What We Offer


A Community of Inclusiveness

We are focused on creating events and programs to encourage exchange and mutual inspiration among freedivers of any level, whether novice, veteran, competitor, volunteer, or board member.

Fun and Recreation

We aim to make it easy for you to learn the essentials to enjoy freediving, whatever your interests.

Competitive Spirit

We’ll work to support safe, competitive, and inspiring competitions that foster a passion and enjoyment of the athleticism, mental focus and self-knowledge that freediving demands.

Events and Promotion

We will help you to stay connected through the network of AIDA Canada across the country and support your efforts to develop freediving locally, nationally and around the world. We guarantee, should you get involved with AIDA Canada, that you will enjoy a fantastic community of freedivers.

Freediving Safety

We will be Involved in research and education to advance the standards for your personal safety while freediving.


Whether beginner or veteran, competitor or judge, we will provide the opportunities that a formal and collaborative Canada-wide education initiative can offer you.

Freediving Clubs

We believe that grassroots communities of freedivers lead to lots of fun, great events, motivated competitors and better ideas and initiatives in years to come. Join your local club!


Volunteer Service

AIDA Canada is a volunteer organization. When you commit to helping out at an event, on a project, or with the administration, you can bet that we will recognize and make the most of your input and volunteered time, energy and passion.

Partner Discounts and Promotions

See below for current offerings from friends of AIDA Canada.

How Do I Join? 



Join a Club

With a membership to an AIDA Canada affiliated club, such as Freedive Toronto or CASQ, you also receive a one-year membership to AIDA Canada.


No Club Nearby?

If you don’t have access to an AIDA Canada affiliated club nearby, join as an individual and complete the following application process:​

Membership Benefits

Friends and Sponsors of AIDA Canada

Current offers:


Want to offer an exclusive discount to AIDA Canada members? Contact us to discuss opportunities.

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