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Photo Credit: Geoff Coombs


At its essence, freediving is the act of taking a breath and diving underwater.

It makes no difference whether you are in shallow or deep water, or if you are a recreational, or a competitive athlete.

Spending time underwater, on one breath, within your own personal comfort zone, is the ultimate transformative experience.

What is Recreational Freediving?


We call freediving recreational when it is about exploring the aquatic wilderness. This can include photography, under water site seeing, or just a fun and relaxing way to "leave everything behind". Competitive freediving is also exciting and fun, but requires a different approach, especially when it comes to practicing it safely.

Recreational Freediving is the backbone of sport freediving in Canada. Most people first step into the water with a mask and fins because they want to see what lies below the surface. Many of our members either combine competitive diving with recreational diving or dive solely for fun – all year round!

However you practice freediving, it is above all about inner exploration and camaraderie with fellow freedivers.

How do I start? 


Join AIDA Canada to learn more about freediving. Take a freediving course to learn how to dive safely and enjoy the sport even more. Be an active part of our community by participating in club and AIDA National events, and in the broader international community of freedivers.


If you don’t have a club nearby, consider forming your own club. AIDA Canada can provide you with the essential resources to get it going: the training and safety standards to operate safe training sessions, and AIDA Canada benefits to help you attract more members. We can help you connect with other divers that share your interests.

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