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Photo Credit: Daan Verhoeven


Welcome to the exciting world of freediving competitions!

AIDA Canada’s approach is to support communities in developing competitions that are fun and beneficial to the freediving community. Our strategy is to foster grass-roots interest in competition among freedivers who have a sincere interest to explore their abilities and develop skills through training sessions and mentorship.

Competitive freediving plays an important role in forwarding the development of safety standards and measures, training and teaching methods, technology, and diving science, all of which have benefits to recreational freediving activities.

AIDA Canada Excellence First Competition Program

AIDA Canada will support development of the competitive aspect through the following programs:

Club Development programs – These programs provide a framework with which clubs can develop and foster a competitive system.

Team Canada

AIDA Canada will support the participation of Canadian athletes at Team and Individual World Championships through sponsorship, coaching, mentorship, public relations, fundraising, and the creation of performance standards to help encourage our athletes to achieve greater performances.

Mentorship programs

Elite athletes will share their knowledge and skill with both Recreational and Competitive members in a manner that will improve the quality of both the recreational and competitive experiences.We feel it is important to work with clubs to utilize their resources to host competitions that will attract more competitors and in particular more elite athletes to raise the standards of Canadian competitions. It is within the AIDA Canada Mentorship program that Elite Canadian athletes are being solicited to provide introductory and advanced clinics at very low cost for participants to share their knowledge with less experienced competitors. These clinics will take place around major competitions such as nationals.

Competition Calendar

We believe that it is important to use resources wisely and host fewer competitions but make them bigger and more attractive to both the elite and the beginner as well offer special events and prizes for our volunteers.

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