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Photo Credit: Lilly Tjeng


Freediving is a safe and rewarding practice once you have learned essential skills. One of AIDA Canada's goals is to represent Canadian Instructors from all recognized schools and agencies equally. 

A freediving course is the safest way to shorten the learning curve and enjoy a lifetime of diving beneath the waves on a single breath of air.


Freediving can be a complex sport to the non-initiated. And even after a course, you may need help to build experience in a safe manner, or to develop your own athletic ability. With the help of someone experienced and a variety of perspectives at your disposal, you can get up to speed quickly and safely.

AIDA Canada supports both formal and informal mentorship programs for its members.

AIDA Canada provides mentorship to clubs and groups wanting to form a club. Our role as the national association gives us the opportunity to provide services to several clubs at once, saving them lots of time, effort and money. These services include outreach, sharing expertise about training programs, and standards for safety and competitions. Our Education Initiative brings Freediving education to underserved communities, We can offer support in club development, or organizing a local competition.

In addition, we connect recognized Canadian athletes with up and coming athletes who are looking to seriously develop their training. 

Public Education

Given that most of the media emphasis on freediving as an extreme sport runs counter to our focus on recreational freediving and safe, controlled and well-managed competitions, AIDA Canada is focused on providing clear and consistent information on freediving to the Canadian and International public.

As a member, you can help support this objective by referring curious individuals to our website or to one of our board members for further follow-up. We are working to develop a public education program to operate in tandem with pool and open-water practices, emphasizing that freediving is a safe sport when practiced correctly.

Above all, our central message is that freediving is fun and addictive and has created a community of people who care about oceans, lakes and rivers.

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