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Photo Credit: Costas Constantinou


AIDA Canada’s national team program consists of several parts designed to encourage high achievements and developments in coaching, with the positive side-effects going directly back to clubs and inter club training groups.



Every year AIDA Canada selects athletes to compete in the World Freediving Championships (Pool or Depth). These select athletes represent Canada on the world stage.

The general selection criteria for Team Canada in any given year are as follows:

Any Canadian with a valid passport who is an AIDA Canada member in good standing may apply. Valid performances must have been achieved at competitions sanctioned by an AIDA National Member of the AIDA International Assembly, or achieved during AIDA World Championships, between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year as well as up to 6 months prior to the start of the World Championships in the current year.



Eligibility of Performances Toward World Championships


Results in one or more of the following performances will have to be achieved: STA, DYN, DYN-B, DNF (pool) and FIM, CNF, CWT, CWT-B (depth). These results will yield a national ranking, by discipline, from which the top male athletes and top female athletes in each discipline will be eligible to apply to Team Canada to attend Individual World Championships.


Selection from the National Ranking


If an athlete ranked #1, #2, etc. does not apply, the next ranked athlete is eligible and so on.

An alternate position will be offered to the next highest-ranking male and female athletes with the understanding that the alternates will remain alternates unless one of the team members is unable to perform or withdraws from the team.

In the event that there are more spaces on the team than eligible athletes after the selection process has closed a call for athletes will be made again within a week of the close date and an additional 3 weeks will be given for athletes to come forward. After the three weeks (one month from the original close) applications will no longer be accepted and the team will be finalized. If only athletes without competition results apply in this second application phase, the selection will be made based on a lottery selection process.


Submitted Applications Review by AIDA Canada 


Once the organizer of the World Championships releases the minimum performance requirements and team size restrictions, no later than 5 months prior to the event, the AIDA Canada board will review the submitted applications and announce the current year’s team.

Application Deadline


Selection to Team Canada will consist of one significant application deadline, 6 months prior to the start of the World Championships, and official announcement no later than 5 months prior to the World competition.

AIDA Canada may change the application and announcement deadline if the announcement of the Event does not allow for the 6 and 5 month period.​

Final Note


Team selection will not be changed except in case of injury, sickness, or the withdrawal of an athlete.


All Team Canada athletes will be required to adhere to the AIDA Canada Code of Conduct and conduct themselves appropriately.

The purpose of Team Canada is to bring attention to the sport through international competition, inspire Canadian athletes to excel at freediving, and to increase the benefits of the mentorship program that elite athletes bring to the Canadian community.

In addition, athletes must abide to the following conditions when applying for the National Team: to insure that all sponsorship is in the proper interest of Canada’s National governing body, Team Canada or the individual athlete, and to avoid any conflict of interest, the AIDA Canada board will be approving every sponsorship. However, such approval will not be unreasonably withheld. As a result, all logos on wetsuits, clothing, etc, must be approved by the AIDA Canada Board. Should an athlete agree to these conditions but present themselves wearing logos which have not been approved by AIDA Canada, at any time during the World Championships, this athlete will not be permitted to compete.

If you fulfill the selection criteria listed above and are interested in competing as part of Team Canada please read our code of conduct and then fill out the following: 

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