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Aida Canada protects and keeps confidential all personal information of its members. The collection of personal information shall be limited to that which is necessary for the purposes identified by AIDA Canada below. Information shall be collected by a fair and lawful means.

Personal information is not disclosed to third parties without prior consent from the member. AIDA Canada will provide members with their personal information including that as it appears on the AIDA Canada Database within 30 days of a receipt of a written request and ID verification by members of the AIDA Canada Board. Members shall be able to review the accuracy and completeness of information and have it amended as appropriate. Members shall be able to address all concerns regarding compliance with the privacy policy with the AIDA Canada Board.

Why does AIDA Canada need a privacy policy?


To protect personal information of members. As part of promoting fun and safe freediving and to create a better freediving community the personal information of members of this community that is shared with AIDA Canada needs to be secure.



The collection of personal information is for;

Establishing accurate records of member numbers, demographic, nationality, provincial affiliation, age and gender.

Communication between AIDA Canada and the membership. The Aida Canada membership is comprised of subscribed individual members and member clubs from around Canada and the world.


  • To establish athlete eligibility for competition on provincial, national and international level.

  • To ensure athlete eligibility for selection to provincial and national teams.

  • To establish pertinent medical records and baseline performance data to assist coaching decisions at a provincial, national, or international competition or training setting.

  • To establish a demographic understanding of membership distribution on a provincial, national and international level.

  • To communicate athletes performance results by identifying names, gender, and club affiliation.

  • To communicate directly with individual and/or club membership regarding the activities of AIDA Canada and its affiliated member organisations.


Personal information is kept by AIDA Canada for the duration of the members active annual subscription period (June 1st to May 31). Data is archived and only re-activated for those members who re-register on an annual basis either individually or through their AIDA Canada affiliated club. All noncurrent identifying information (six (6)) years or older will be deleted from the AIDA Canada Database.




What personal information is needed for the purposes of AIDA Canada?

  • Full Name

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • Contact details email/website/phone numbers/mailing address

  • Nationality

  • The following data is collected where appropriate and if applicable

  • Province of residence

  • Club affiliation

  • For competitors; performance and medical data related to competitive freedive activities




AIDA Canada requests the consent of its members to collect and use personal information primarily for registration, demographic, event communication and competition purposes.

Personal information shall include name, date of birth, gender, email address, Website address, mailing address and telephone numbers, club affiliation, province of residence and nationality. For competitors: Performance history, Medical history and known conditions will be recorded.

AIDA Canada will share the following information about its members upon request by AIDA International for the purpose of determining numbers of active members of AIDA Canada. This information will only be shared with AIDA International if it has a privacy policy in place that is inline with AIDA Canada’s current policy. The AIDA Canada Board of Directors will evaluate the AIDA International Privacy Policy every time this information is requested.

  • Full Name

  • Date of birth

  • Nationality


Personal information is not accessible to the general public or any third parties.


Personal information will not be made public or available to third parties without the individual members consent.


Access to personal information records held by AIDA Canada is restricted to AIDA Board Members and only for the purposes as stated above.

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