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AIDA Canada is growing! On February 24, AIDA Canada met for the 2019 AGM. There was a superb turn out as freedivers from Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and even abroad attended with enthusiasm to support our community.

Elections were held and the board welcomes back Roberta Cenedese, President and Jillian Rutledge, Secretary. The official 2019 board is again comprised of Roberta Cenedese, Francois Leduc, Joshua Bearden and Jillian Rutledge.

The progress and challenges of 2018 & 2019 were discussed in detail including the initiatives of communication and community building.

The Board and the committee members, who are paramount to AIDA Canada’s success, have further developed the initiatives and are extremely optimistic in moving forward. In 2019, the following initiatives will continue: The website, Social Media, Education and Outreach.

Huge thank you to AIDA Canada members Nikkey Ward, Joannie Huberdeau, Jared Cloutier, Alex Diack, Jean-Christophe Pelletier, Lilly Tjeng and Halfdan Hem for volunteering their time in accomplishing our objectives.

And much gratitude to the affiliated clubs: Halifax Freediving Club, CASQ and Freedive Toronto for the work you do to provide for freedivers. If you would like to be involved in Canada’s freediving association and be a part of a rapidly growing sport, please contact the board at

An integral part of our growth is the Provincial Representative Committee as they are the liaison between the board and each province. Thank you to the provincial representatives in BC (Halfdan Hem), Quebec (Joannie Huberdeau), Ontario (Lilly Tjeng), Nova Scotia (Jared Cloutier) and Manitoba (Alex Diack). If you would like more information about your provincial rep or would like represent your province, please e-mail the board ( We want every province and territory in Canada to be represented and encourage freedivers to spread the news.

Our goal as we move forward is to continue to represent Canada with pride and integrity at the international level and to support our members, clubs, and athletes across Canada and the globe. We look forward to 2019 with all of you!

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